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Audiology Updates: November 2020

published7 months ago
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AudiologyUpdates: November 2020 - Cut through all of the noise with the most important Audiology updates in one monthly email.

Deadline for OTC rules goes by with no word from the FDA - Statutory deadline for OTC hearing aids rules missed by FDA

Physicians from Harvard and Massachusetts Eye and Ear call on the FDA to do something - Regulation of Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids — Deafening Silence from the FDA - If you do not have a NEJM account, you can view the PDF here.

Could COVID-19 be responsible for worsening tinnitus? - Covid-19 may make people's tinnitus worse

Market Research Firm Predicts Massive Growth in Hearing Aid Industry - Predicts 72% growth from 2018 to 2026 - Hearing Aids Market to Grow Exponentially and Hit USD 14.45 Billion by 2020

Resound Launches “Give Sound” Campaign to give away hearing aids to those in needs - today (Nov 25th) last day to sign up with ReSound rep - Patient nominations taken until Jan 15th - ReSound Gives Sound Community Campaign

Website that shows which websites are selling hearing aids without face-to-face fitting is launched - and which brands each site is selling - Websites selling Big 6 Hearing Aids Without Face-to-Face Fittings

Audiology Marketing (mini) Summit has 2 hours of marketing discussion, advice and discussion with Cliff Olson, AuD, Brad Stewart, AuD and more - Watch the Audiology Marketing Summit

Resource is published showing the Facebook ads of most larger hearing aid companies, includes video on how to spy on FB ads of competition - Hearing Aid Ads on Facebook

Researchers discover how hearing aids might be able to focus on speakers better, using brainwaves - Which speaker are you listening to? Hearing aid of the future listens to brainwaves to find out